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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Please check out our August Newsletter. We are going to Asia for School of the Bible - Fortaleza outreach. Please pray for us and support us with a gift to help with traveling and expenses. We are eagerly desiring to send more teams to Asia this year. Our base has sent two teams to Asia. And this will be our third to this particular country we ar going. Many people have given their lives to God through these effort and we want to see more.
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is it a real Demon?

I haven't had too much experience seeing demonic manifestation. Certainly in these days many may be skeptical of such experiences. Certainly many may write off all cases of such as "mental illnesses". Are these experiences just mental problems or something supernatural? I personally like to have evidence of things because of my scientific training I received in university. But I will not throw out all believe in the spiritual just because science has to stick to a naturalistic presuppositions.

We were on our outreach in Piaui, Brazil. This location is out in the middle of the Northeast of Brazil which is extremely dry. My understanding is the particular place where we were hadn't had rain for a long time, like years. So you can imagine it a little. probably like Arizona or Wyoming in terms of terrain.

We spent five days in Sno Lourenço. A small city of only three thousand out in the middle of nowhere. (not an insult on those there) One night before a seminar at an Assembly of God Church, one of the students on our team was praying for a women in front of the house. I was with Wemerson inside the house and we heard some strange noises so we went outside and saw this women in a weird state. As Luzamira was praying for her, she did not seem totally conscious, but she started to say strange stuff. I don't remember everything, but one thing she said was "I am Sandra". Ok, that wasn't her name, and then a little bit later she started to say "I want to kill Sandra". According to those that know this women, Sandra was the lover of her daughter. Ok, so that was weird. Wemerson and Luzamira continued praying and laying hands on her. I pray from a few feet away, being curious. The Pastor of the Assembly of God church notice what was going on and started to pray. Now it was interesting because things were getting loud between the discussion of the Pastor and these "others" inside this woman. People on the road were noticing and watching all of this. And after about ten or fifteen minutes finally this strange state left this women and she returned to a normal conscious state.

I must stay, was that a real demon? I suppose I could pass it on as a "mental illness". But then when I think about it, another experience by a student on the same outreach in the other city of Sno Raimundo. Gercina came across a man named Reginaldo who entered into the same type of conscious state. While Gercina was in the house this man, some "other" inside of him said " I have the same power over Reginaldo that your God has over you". Meaning that something was talking to Gercina about the person that it (the demon) was inhabiting. If these are just mental illnesses, then why are they saying these things? Sounds pretty evil to me. Why don't these extra personalities say just crazy stuff like "Drink Pepsi, not Coke", "Santa Clause is a naughty boy", or "Tomatoes taste great purple". They seem to say pretty evil stuff, which makes me to think they are really evil and really are demons as the Bible describes, not just some wrongly connected synapses in the brain. I was there, and I saw it, and it looks pretty legit to me.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Carnival Outreach in Recife

We marched through the streets of Recife. Declaring with one voice as a group the reality and truth that God has given us. The march was an intercession against the spirit of the carnival. The word for "carne" in Portuguese is "meat" and "flesh". Certain many people around us were there to serve their own personal desires to party or to have a good time, but it is a guise for a life of selfishness and the absence of a reasonable mind. As we came to a bridge. Many people had there eyes on us as we marched. Up above the bride was a giant parade float like rooster much like giant idol. We sang songs as we marched worshiping the Lord. God had directed the leadership to do this march, to arrive at this bridge in the midst city. When we arrived we stopped our march, as directed, laid down flat on the bridge in silence. Many of the carnival party people were looking intently, many taking photos of all of us on the ground. The people were looking intently. We rose up with celebration worshiping and allow God to allow his presence to come.
After many of us were handing out tracts and evangelizing people. Another missionary and I went talking to people about Jesus. Certainly some were there with more like a motivation of at state fair, they weren’t getting drunk or living it up. Some claimed that they believe in Jesus. But there were some that really needed to hear the Word of God. I talked to some different people, but didn’t have many deep conversations. As we were walking off the bridge and around the corner there were some people sitting down along the road parallel to the river. I came across a couple who were sitting down. As I explain the Word of God to her she was listening and agreeing. Her boyfriend with her was basically drunk, and I explain to him that he need to change the way he was living and that it was wrong. He wasn’t to receptive, to drunk probably to remember the conversation. But that women was wanting to hear the Word of God. The conversation ended with prayer and I encouraged her to attend the church near her house. I believe God really did something for that women in that moment, and it is really a testimony for us all to do evangelism.

Our group of about 300 to 400 missionaries spent four nights evangelizing on the streets of Recife during the carnival. We joined different churches and YWAM bases on this outreach with the common purpose to reach people with the Gospel in a place where people really needed to hear. I don’t have exact numbers, but I’m sure that there were hundreds of people or more reached during this outreach to those living the world’s lifestyle. Many of the students of School of the Bible also had testemonies of God using them to share God’s truth. Thank you for supporting the work that we are doing in Brazil. God is making an impact little by little.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Outreach to Piaui

School of the Bible - Fortaleza, Brazil is preparing for our outreach to Piaui. It is the next state over from Ceará. The students will be staying there for 21 days and will be doing ministry in possibly 4 different small towns which are in the Sertão. The Sertão is like the middle of nowhere. The desert region of the northeast of Brazil. But I know that God will do great things. Wasn't it John the Baptist who had a ministry in the desert?
Please pray for the students. There is two students who are very behind on there tuition payments. So we really need to see some movement in their finances in order for it to be wisdom to allow them to go on outreach.
School of the Bible - Fortaleza, Brazil started in January, and will end at the end of October. Please pray for us!
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

School of the Bible 2008 has started!

School of the Bible 2008 has started! We have 7 students this year. One returning from 2006 to finish up his school. Please pray for these students, that they would be full of God's prescence and that they would receive all that God has for them. Pray for Orlando, Luzimira, Jesinha, Josy, Wemerson, Rachel, and Rogerio.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Bus Accident On School of the Bible Outreach!

Hi Steve and Paul
Greetings from Malawi, the warm heart of Africa!
Forgive me for the delay to personally connect, but our circumstances is a bit primitive in Malawi. Short explanation regarding the accident: Samara, Junior and Leo went together with Deliah (YWAM Mzuzu staff) on one of our best fancy coach line busses to Mzuzu. They only have night busses at the moment meaning they travel by night. Mzuzu is about 700km North of Blantyre. So they left around 6pm on Monday evening. The bus driver fell asleep behind the wheel and left the road. He woke up and tried to jerk the bus back onto the road. The bus hit the mountainside and he flipped it over on it's side, blocking the whole road. At about 10.18pm, I received a cell phone call from Deliah. She was in shock and said the bus made an accident. I asked where and if they are all ok.She explained where they are and that she thinks everyone is ok. There is no emergency services in Malawi that is functioning well, so I jumped in the pick-up to rush and fetch them. I only arrived at 00.30am at the accident site. It is about 200km from Blantyre. All the passengers stood in the middle of the road in the pitch darkness in the miss rain next to the bus. I found the YWAMers under a thin blanket praying for the people. They were all ok except for some bruises, scrapes, cuts and shock. During the accident, they stayed calm (Leo even took pictures) while the
rest of the people panicked. Junior kept on encouraging the people to stay calm (but I don't
think they understood his Portuguese). They stayed in the bus wreck and first helped all the people out before they left the bus. I really want to commend them for their excellent example. This is the kind of quality missionaries we would like to put on display to the world. They went on to see that the two injured people is helped while the rest of the passengers abandoned them. Afterwards they prayed with the passengers outside. When I arrived, Leo even went back into the bus luggage compartment to help with the luggage that was stuck inside. It was a very small uncomfortable place he had to crawl in, work between oil and acid, got his clothes completely ruined, but he was willing to help until the space was to small for him to get into.Samara helped and encouraged and held the flashlight. I need to mention that Junior was already sick with malaria symptoms at this time. Not one of them complained but they kept the spirits high with jokes and laughter. I commend to as leaders too with this great bunch of quality YWAMers.
Afterwards: We only arrived back in Blantyre at 4am the next morning. Took them all to the hospital to get checked out and they are all fine concerning the accident. We are at this time busy with our National meetings and I decided to rather advice them to stay with us till we are finished, take time to rest and travel with me back to Mzuzu.We got Junior checked out at hospital and he has malaria and is currently receiving treatment. He is not in hospital, but where I am staying so I can keep an eye on him. Last night Leo got sick and Samara also looked pale. Off we went to the hospital again and both of them are also receiving treatment for malaria and giardiase (stomach infection because of bad food or water). They are all at home and resting and doing fine. I used to be a registered nurse for 12 years and I am watching over them.
Request: I would like to ask for prayer covering for them and us. This attacks come
at a significant time as we are having National Meetings regarding the future of YWAM Malawi. The enemy is trying to crush the work of YWAM in Malawi. I cannot share much, but things has not been easy in the past. I am newly appointed as the National leader and just for your interest, I
have been praying since 2004 for God to send Brazilians to Malawi. We need that redemptive gifting that is on Brazilians to break through in this country. Maybe that can give some insight in the severity of the attack on all of us. We are all a bit tired and some is sick at the moment. The planning is to go to Mzuzu on Friday if they feel up to it, or to travel over the weekend. They are determined to continue their outreach for which we are truly thankful.Feel free to phone your guys at any time at the following number: xxx xxx xxxx or xxx xxx xxxx.
I will keep you updated on their health; they all seemed to be better.
Joyfully His
(National Chair YWAM Malawi)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Back in Brazil

Hello Everybody,

I've made it back to Brazil. I must say that my time in the USA was quite good! Thank you to all who helped me get there. The conference for School of the Bible was amazing. I really felt the prescence and care of God during that time as well as hearing all the news from other School of the Bible teams around the world. It was really blessed.

During the other weeks it was great to see friends and gain some new supporters. I also shared the vision and news of our work the past couple of years in four churches. As well as serving a Brazilian meal in one church for and interesting way of sharing about the ministry God has for us here.

Please pray for us as we continue to prepare for the next School of the Bible. We are working on reforming the bathrooms and preparing a space for a dormitory in the classroom building, as our ministry location is attempting to host 60 students this year at one time because of the Nations to Nations DTS that will be happening at the same time as the School of the Bible. So that can be a challenge. Perhaps I will be communicating some needs concerning that these next few weeks.

I already miss the good American food, and the conveniences of American life I had during those weeks, but we have a job to do here. Pray for us these coming weeks that God's anointing can flow in this next school. That all can be excellent as we work to reach this nation.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

USA Trip coming to a close

My trip here to the USA has been a good experience.  And I'm about to travel back to Brazil on Wednesday.  I must say the School of the Bible conference was a great time.  God's presence was strong and it was like heaven seeing everybody.  God I believe re-energized a lot of us.  I'm very excited about what God will do through School of the Bible around the world.  School of the Bible teams joined together from South Africa, Nicaragua, Brazil, Wisconsin, Texas, and Jamaica.  We encouraged each other with prayer and fellowship.  It was really neat to see the work that God is doing around the world with other teams. 
I think God is expanding what the wants to do and bring about these next few years.  He wants people to understand his Word and to apply that truth to real life.
Also I've been visiting churches here in Minnesota sharing about the ministry God has called us to down in Brazil.  In Grand Rapids I shared in a number of churches as well as serving a Brazilian meal to those wanting to get a good taste of Brazilian culture.  And I've been able spend Thanksgiving with my family which was a huge blessing.  All my parent's children were together for the first time in a number of years.
Thankfully we have connected with some old and new supporters.  And that God provision and blessing is coming about. 

Monday, November 12, 2007

Even God Wants Me to See David Beckham

It's interesting when you get in certain situations and you have to decide what is the right thing to do. Sometimes we want to do things that are fun in our lives, but we know also that responsibility looms upon us. Many times we have to put aside what is fun and do what is right.

I was in the same situation this weekend. I didn't have very much money in my pocket. Somehow I have to get o Ohio for the School of the Bible Multiplication Conference. I have a family at home in Brazil that has needs. But there is a game in town in Minneapolis. MN Thunder vs. the LA Galaxy. As all of you may know David Beckham has signed a five year deal with the L.A. Galaxy. Living in Brazil, you are influence by the culture. One thing I have come to love is the sport of soccer. I pay attention to the U.S. national team, and the Major League Soccer here in the United States. So if I have a chance to see them play, I want to.

I don't know if God is arranging soccer matches around my schedule, or if he is arranging my schedule around soccer matches. Perhaps it's just an opportunity in which God is taking advantage to bless. Your theology will determine the answer to that question.... but anyway I find it very interesting that my favorite player, Landon Donovan (not David Beckham), has played now here in Minnesota twice when I've been in Minnesota. Once when he was at San Jose Earthquakes, and second last night with the L.A. Galaxy.

I saw on the internet that this game was coming to town when I could be in town. I wanted to go. I don't get to see Major League Soccer too often because I'm simply not in the United States to often. I was having a conversation with a friend of mine on Saturday after church. He likes soccer also. Somehow we got into a conversation about the game that was happening on Sunday, and he noted that he was going. I was excited and asked if I could go with him, but I didn't ask him to pay for it. He said sure. So there I was going to the game with him and some other people. On the way to the game he hands me $20 to pay for my ticket. The change I used to buy a bratwurst with chips. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!! Praise God!

It was fun. Sometime in the midst what we are doing, God can even bless us with something fun.

“Trust in the LORD, and do good; [so] shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed. Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring [it] to pass. And he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday.” (Ps 37:3-6 AV)
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Even a Missionary Needs a Pastor

It is time to keep my blog updated! Enough is enough! That will be my attitude from now on. I apologize to those who have come to this website to look for new news and have not found any. The post have not been common enough. My Pastor even challenged me to at least post once a week here. And he is right, and as a missionary we need to be challenged to be better and to do better.

Sometime people think missionaries are these super holy people. Now I believe that we need to be holy, but that doesn't make us non-human. We have struggles to be responsible people and to live 100% for God. We have finite minds and sometime we don't always know what decision to make. And that's why we pray to God, And that's why a missionary needs a Pastor. Because no matter who you are, there is a bible verse that says:

“Where there is no counsel, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.” (Pr 11:14 AV)

So everyone needs a Pastor and other counselors in their lives. It's always good to seek advice when making big decisions.

Please come back again to this blog frequently, you'll find some news here.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Juliana, Samara, Luciana, Celia, Josandro, Leo
Celso, Percino, Jorge, Junior.

So here's a photo of our students taken in January. We are so blessed once again to run this school once again. And we are blessed to have some of the students from last year return as staff.

There are a couple of practical urgent needs I want to share in this note.

Tomorrow as School of the Bible are going to Salvador to the Carnival! No we are not going to party! We are going to evangelize people in the midst of the event. Last year was a great trip and we had many great conversations with people about the Lord. There are four students that still have need of travel/food expenses. Each person cost about $125. So I wanted to communicate this need because it would be a great blessing to have them go and be sponsored by somebody.

Secondly, we have a roof problem on one of the dormitories, Today some heavy rain came in and got one students things and bed all wet. We figure we really need to fix the roof well, and if a replacement of wood and roof tiles, it would probably be around $500.

Whatever gift can be sent to

PO BOX 3000
Garden Valley, Tx 75771

On a separate sheet of paper write that it is for School of the Bible - Fortaleza, Brazil.

If you are going to give something, just let me know with an e-mail response so that I can get money to these needs as soon as possible.

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Next School of the Bible is about to Start

We can give glory to God for His faithfulness once again as next week we start School of the Bible - 2007.  We'll be back to work keeping this thing running.  Thank God for the rest that I got during the break, but back work we go. 
The new school will start on January 18.  Looks to be that we will have about 10-15 students this year.  So it seems that we will grow somewhat, which is good.  More people understanding the Bible is a good thing because they can relate to God better. Please pray for these students.  Seems that this year we will have our first foreign student who is from Africa.  So that is very interesting.  And five families also, which is occupying a lot of housing on the base!  How is this going to work?  But God is blessing the work we've done, even though we didn't get a chance to do much promotion last year at other YWAM locations.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Almost Robbed

It was one of those days again.  Today our house was almost robbed in the middle of the day.  Too bad it's not smart to go eat lunch at the other YWAM property,  because there can be people waiting and I guess watching to see if your in your house.  And if your not in your house,  well you can expect to be robbed. 
I guess I have to put those iron bars on the windows.  The reality is that the YWAM property here is very vunerable to being robbed.  We don't have a high wall built around the entire property, only a short one with barbed wire.  That short unprotecting wall is not enough to keep people out. 
Thank you God that nothing did get stolen, but our fellow base leader got victimnize for about the fifth time since they moved here to this property here. My most important item is my computer, which has a lot of important things on it, and a lot of hours of work could be stolen.  The cost of the computer is no small chunk of change either. And it was right there in the house when they tried to get in.  For some reason they got spooked and they ran away after they broke the window.  They could of easily got in the house by just climbing through. 
I guess this is God's warning to me to put more protection on the house before something even worse could happen.  And for the Love of God, let's get the wall built around the base. I mean the Israelites were smart enough to build one around Jerusalem, why shouldn't we?  I know were here to change a nation, but until then,  where is blacksmith around here? Pray for us!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sara in Portugal

Sara in a Church in Portugal. She was in Portugal for about 10 days, and now she is in Norway right now visiting her fiances family for the first time. Our first official international outreach from School of the Bible - Fortaleza Brazil! During there time there she was able to build some new relationships with the YWAM ministry there.
Perhaps someday we can see a School of the Bible in Portugal. What a strategic place it would be. But lets keep praying and seeing the work of missions happen and the lost reached. Lets see where the Lord takes us. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Outreach Update

Well we have a few surprises concerning our global outreach for School of the Bible.  Some of the locations didn't work out.  We gave it a good battle, but money just didn't come in on time for everybody.  Cuba isn't happening.  We sent only one student to Portugal/Norway. 
One praise report we can give glory to the Lord Jesus.  The team traveling to Mozambique is in South Africa right now.  They will be staying there for a number of day and then traveling to their final location.  Five Brazilians on one team!  Praise the Lord.  They are packed up full of study bibles for the Pastors there, and many other study materials for the people in Mozambique.
One of the students we sent to Curitiba in the south of Brazil.  Their she is going to be doing some teaching and promoting School of the Bible at the YWAM bases there.
The rest of the students we had to send home to get their financial situations better situated. I guess four out of 10 students on outreach isn't a bad number, considering three of them are out of Brazil on their outreaches.  The challenges for missionaries here is very big to go outside the country.  Although these people need to become missionaries in foreign lands because I think they are passionate for God and that people will listen to them. 
Please pray for the students:  Sara - Portugal/Norway, Telma - Curitiba, Tiago/Denise - Mozambique.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Ok, well we can have some highlights from this year. Here I am teaching greek. Well if your asking for an experience, how about teaching greek in your second language? Well it was hard at times. Many time I would be asking how the portuguese grammar would work, so I could explain. Also I had to prepare lessons with portuguese speakers help including students. Well, if you want to learn a second language better, teach another language in that second language! You'll learn your grammar!

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Here I am, the chosen guest speaker at the graduation

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Graduation for School of the Bible - Fortaleza Brazil

We finally made it to the end of the School of the Bible. Wow! What a blessing from the Lord have these students been. We are so blessed with their presence and are so sad to see them go. But happily they are going on to the calling God has for their lives. Some are returning to work with us in the School. So that is a huge blessing! Posted by Picasa