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Friday, October 29, 2004

July Newsletter

Dear Friends,
*Greetings from School of the Bible - Tyler, Texas. We are traveling on the road of determination and perseverance. The School here has 41 Students from 16 nations. Nations from Africa, Asia, Europe, South Pacific, North, Central, & South Americas. So God is working to bring His kingdom over all the world.
*Recently SOTB had a multiplication conference. Other multiplication teams are going to South Africa, Nicaragua, as well as our location in Brazil. We took time to seek God and get right before him. We received from God an overall strategy to multiply SOTB. So stay tuned to more updates on multiplication!
*Every year the SOTB - Texas has a spring outreach. Many people get refreshed during this time because it is a break from academic study and a practical way to apply the SOTB material. Many times students will teach in seminars or do evangelism. I have some testimonies of the outreach below:Houston
*"You guys seem real. You really care." Jason (a street kid) told the Houston team.
*Kareem (a rehab student) said, "I don't want to play games with God anymore."
Monterrey, Mexico
A lady with thrombosis had prayed that God would make Himself real to her. As Naraleska (Venezuela) and Sophie (Namibia) prayed for her, she became overwhelmed with God's love.
Naraleska was privileged to speak over a non-Christian radio station.
*Josh (Ohio) after teaching, washes the Mexican Christians' feet. A couple days later one of them told Josh that that night he passed his kidney stone and was so rejoicing in God's goodness.**Janelle reports, God wants Amer/Mex reconciliation. We had an awesome time. None of us had been to Mexico before. Everything is new & exciting. The Mexican people are so open.
*A Mexican pastor humorously tells Voelker (Germany): "When I grow up, I want to be like you."
El Paso/Juarez, Mexico
*In El Paso/Juarez Mexico the doors for teaching were wide open both in English and Spanish. Ronnie says, I so experienced the peace of God as I was teaching.
Atlanta, GA
*The team taught, did street ministry, and bonded wonderfully with Afro-American churches.

Tracey, CA
*Philip reports: "In Tracey, CA, we linked with 5 churches and youth groups. The five groups worked together and as an evangelism tool gave away 400 candy bars to the people in stores who had to work on Friday night. The Tracey kids are so inspired to form a ministry core group, and strengthen one another. God has started the gears turning. We have such an open door."
*In Sacramento, CA after a teaching session, Chris, who was listening, tells us, "I want to do good things for the right reasons. I don't want to live for myself anymore."
*Returning to Texas, our van broke down in Tucumcari, New Mexico, and we had to stay at a motel. The motel manager was moved to tears as God opened up doors for us to encourage her, pray for her, and give her a card and special financial gift to help her with her needs. "That's too much money!" she said. We responded, "Not, from the eleven of us!"
Brazilians on the Move!
*We are proud to announce the possibility of two Brazilians coming to Texas to complete School of the Bible. They are ready, willing and want to come. And they are planning to return to Fortaleza to help us plant School of the Bible there! The problem is that they need finances for the school here. The school here is willing to give 1/3 scholarship. So that means we need the other 2/3. Please see the chart.
*Also we have included some of our own personal needs. So once again we are at a challenge point. But are looking to God. Please be ready for our phone call or e-mail. Please help us. .

Paul & Enid Appelget


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