Paul's Fun Stuff Page

No, I am not a doctor or a sergeon

Download Center for Fifa 2004

You can download Fifa 2004 patches and files. Puerto Rico Patch, 2gk for USA home and Puerto Rico home and away!

Put Paul Appelget into Fifa 2003!

Download Paul's face and put him into the game. Yes! It is true, you can have the almighty American soccer player, which has most of his training in Brazil, in your very own Fifa 2003 game. Just use face raptor at to do this. And create me using EA Creation Center.

MVP of Appelget household

Justin Thomas Appelget - The future of American/Brazilian soccer. Yes, Justin Thomas Appelget is predicted to be the first human to win a world cup for two countries. Predicted by who you ask, well take a good guess!

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