Paul Appelget - 961 CR 1143 Tyler, TX USA - Fall, 1999


I am now back from a delightful trip to Australia. Thank you for all your contributions that made School of Evangelism a success. It has been a challenging and rewarding six months. Surely all invested has produced fruit in the kingdom of God. Let me tell you how it all came together.

Many students from my Discipleship Training School returned in March for the School of Evangelism. We all gathered to continue our missions careers, which is to fulfill the call for Christ. Many of us did not know what to expect but we had an eager desire to learn. Many speakers came taught on various subjects such as other religions, apologetics, effective ministry, and theology. Dean Sherman, my favorite speaker, spoke on personal effective ministry.

The end of April was urban mission week in which teams went to Dallas, Chicago, or New Orleans. God exposed me to many new and interesting situations in Chicago. Later, some of us wanted to do more local outreaches in Texas. One weekend we went to Dallas to do some inner city ministry, and I also led a group of students to the University of Texas, Tyler to present a seminar on Creation Science. And of course the rest of the time was spent getting ready for outreach.

Outreach was a time of intense ministry and busy schedules. My team headed to California and many churches presented the "Dreams of God" drama presentation. The main purpose of our drama presentation is to express God's desire for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. In California I was also able to experience surfing for the first time. Minnesotans do not mix well with big ocean waves.

We flew to Australia in early July. Australia was more diverse than I expected. There are many different ethnic groups represented. The population of Australia is only 18 million people on a land mass a little smaller that the Continental United States. Australia was founded as a prison colony in the late 1700's. Strong patriotism is just starting to take root in the minds of the Australians. Personal identity has been an issue because of immigration and because of strong influence form England and the United States. Australian churches are making progress in having their own worship music and influential church leaders. Many Christians are in great expectation of revival among their people because there has never been a wide scale e revival in Australia. God seems to be preparing the younger generation, for they are very ripe of the harvest. Many of older generation is very hard hearted toward the church mainly because of the dry dead Christianity in which they have been exposed. Only three percent of Australians consistently go to church.

The outreach was very fruitful. The first week we did an outreach in Taree. Taree is a few hours drive north of Sydney. We set up a vacation bible school for young kids for three days. The first day forty kids from ages eight to twelve appeared for our program. We taught them about creation and about Jesus. Many of the mostly unchurched kids were deeply affected by the message of the gospel. The last session we did our drama presentation and had an altar call. All of the kids ran to the stage to pray. The next Sunday the church provided a barbecue for the community, and we invited the kids. Just after the barbecue we had a service. Many of the kid had experiences with the Holy Spirit and we weeping at the presence of God.

Let me tell you a story about a boy named Nathan. Nathan is a ten year old unchurched Aborigine. Many of the Aborigine people have experience racism from the Anglican Australians. Nathan came every day to our vacation bible school and the barbecue. The Sunday we did our dram presentation and had a prayer time after ward. Nathan went up to the front. I asked him what his prayer need was. Nathan said in a firm voice: Jesus". I asked him again, and Nathan said in a firm voice "Jesus". I prayed for him and Nathan proceeded back to his seat where he started to weep because God was touching his life.

The rest of the trip was also exciting. We went into the public schools to preach during their required scripture hour (It's legal in that country.). We also did our drama presentation in malls, on the street, in an Asian boarding school, in a Korean church, in public high schools, and in Australian churches.

One day we went to the most drug infested area of Australia called Cabramatta. Cabramatta is an area that is a part of Sydney. A police officer named Gary took us around Cabramatta and showed us how things work. We did street ministry to the people in that city. The main drug in Cabramatta is heroin. Many drug users are openly high in the streets.

Now I am planning to be in Texas for another school. I will be attending School of the Bible. The next school has three different outreaches. Also I will be a physics-teaching assistant at the YWAM Christian Heritage School (CHS). CHS is where all the hundreds of missionary kids are taught. So I will be supporting the cause of hundreds of missionaries in the education of their children.

In Christ,

Paul Appelget

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