Paul Appelget - 961 CR 1143 Tyler, TX USA - LATE Fall, 1999

Greetings from Tyler, Texas,

Welcome to the School of the Bible experience. I've been very busy lately getting everything done. We have been having a great time in School of the Bible (SOTB). This SOTB has approximately 25 students. Class is everyday for four hours. The homework includes much reading and questions. The class subjects have included Apologetics, Bible Message Preparation, Scriptural Exegesis (Bible interpretation), Greek, Cross-cultural Evangelism, Church History, and Old Testament Studies. That just gives you a taste of what I've been doing.

Another thing on my agenda is to learn Spanish. Many of the students and staff in my class are from Spanish speaking countries. I am learning Spanish because it will be useful on our SOTB spring outreach in which some of us will go to Mexico. Also, I want to learn the principles of learning a language outside of class with the people who speak the language natively. It doesn't matter if God calls me to a Spanish-speaking nation or not because learning the language will help me learn other languages in the future.

The Physics class I going well. I have been assisting Mark Evans for the past two months. Now Mark is in Papa New Guinea on a BELT course outreach. BELT stands for Biblical Education and Leadership Training. He is working with a tribe that Wycliff translators just finished the New Testament. YWAM and Wycliff is uniting in purpose in which YWAM BELT teams come in and disciple people groups in which Wycliff had just done Bible translations. While Mark is gone, I have been teaching the 12th grade physics class at the Christian Heritage School (CHS). CHS is YWAM school for missionary kids and helps people in the community cheaply send their kids to Christian education. The exciting thing is that God is training me in the ability to teach logistically so that I will become an effective teacher of the Bible. Effective teaching is important for bringing people the right perspective of God from the correct interpretation of the Bible.

Every Saturday some of us go some place in Tyler to do evangelism. Last Saturday I went along, and we went to the Spanish part of Tyler door to door. That was exciting because I'm learning Spanish. We met a man named Phillipe. He said the reason that he was not following God was because nobody was there to help him. Phillipe needed discipleship. I asked him what we could do to help, and now we will be meeting with Phillipe soon if it pans out.

Thank you everybody for you prayer and support. It is an encouragement for me to have people who care to reach the nations for Christ. Keep praying fro me this year so that I will be equipped to do God's work.

In Christ

Paul Appelget

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