The Appelget Family - Caixa Postal 651 Fortaleza, CE 60.001-970 Brazil - AUG, 2002

God does a work in the Northeast of Brazil

Recently a conference of all of Ywam northeast took place at Ywam in Joao Pessoa. Joao Pessoa is a city that is right on the eastern tip of Brazil. It was a gathering of about 70 Ywamers from four different Ywam bases. Some of the themes involved faith and perseverance, and even fund raising. The subject spoken seemed to really apply at least to the Ywam, Fortaleza ministry. Ywam * Fortaleza is really at a crucial time in its growth. The base has experience revival type excitement, but now is the time to persevere and to trust in God no matter how we feel. It was an encouraging time to realize the growth in Ywam in the Northeast and the things that God is doing in Brazil. There was even a soccer tournament which feature teams from each of the four bases. Joao Pessoa took the crown with Fortaleza taking second place.

Church Donates - Helps Translation Project Continue

The translation project is getting of the ground. Recently we had a donation of $1200 dollars from a church in Europe. We got really excited concerning this because it has boosted our ability to work on this project. We have around eleven translators working on material right now and are progressing at a steady rate. Please pray for this project, that we would have enough translators, that they would translate well, and that we would receive more donations. With this particular donation we now have an estimated 17 percent covered.

Translation Project Brings a Workload

The translation project has brought lots of work. A lot of my time has been organizing the material and getting it ready for the translators. Keeping track of everything has been a challenge, but I have developed some systems to do so. So we are continuing to progress. Right now we have received about 17 percent of the money, and we have completed about five and a half percent of the material. So we are plugging right along and trying to finalize everything what we receive from the translators. Please pray for us that all material*s meaning could be faithfully preserved so the directives of the school are not lost.

The main directive in this newsletter is to support the translation project. About 650 two-sided pages need to be translated from English to Portuguese. It cannot be done alone, but with God's help, this task can be completed. You can play a part to disciple the nation of Brazil.

Why is this material important? Aren't there other seminaries in Brazil that can help train people with the Bible?

Yes, there are other seminaries, but the School of the Bible addresses issues that seminaries may not. First of all, School of the Bible is a YWAM school. We include curriculum that apply directly to missionaries like cross-cultural evangelism. We also include subjects on how the bible applies to government and economics which are important subjects for the impoverished northeast of Brazil.

How can I help?

We have broken down this project into chewable bites. We have about 650 two-sided pages to translate to complete this project. Each one of these pages cost about fifteen dollars to cover all costs*. So it is important that all can participate at least in a small way by contributing one page. So far we have had approximately 112 pages bought. We ask that you rise up in faith for this school in prayer and finances. Think and pray for yourselves what you can do. Maybe you can buy one page, or maybe one page each month for the next few months, or buy ten pages straight up. Whatever it is, we want to see this school started. . *Just one other thing. You will easily be able to see the progress of this project by accessing our web site at So do not hesitate to check up on us every once in a while. There is also other information there concerning School of the Bible Brazil and ourselves.

See a more up to date progress on the translation project


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