The Appelget Family - Caixa Postal 651 Fortaleza, CE 60.001-970 Brazil - JAN, 2003


We are very happy to say that our first book Tempo de Entender (A Time to Understand) has been completed. It is an Apologetical book written by the School of the Bible director, Larry Allen. This is a great accomplishment. After much painstaking editing and revision, we have finally finished with it. It is 140 pages of material discussing the defense of Christianity, and our biblically based presuppositions. We will now be seeing much more results with the translation project, as we are moving toward the finalization of other subjects also.


My family and the other staff member of School of the Bible, Brazil have been required to return to the States this year for staff training at the School of the Bible in Tyler, TX. We need this time there because of the details and complexities of establishing and running the school here in Brazil. After this time is completed, we plan to return to Brazil to start the school. Fortunately, Enid and I have received our permanent visa! So we can go and return to and from Brazil anytime we want, no restrictions. Praise God for His great timing.


This return to the United States brings a challenge to our family. We have several needs. One is to pay some bills. Another is to buy airline tickets. A third is to find a car when we get there. And a fourth is to find a place to stay in Tyler (The Ywam base is all full). It seems that the obstacles are stacked up against us. If you could please just pray for us right now while you are reading this because I don't know how God will provide for all of this. But we are hoping and trusting God for miracles to make this happen. If we can find 100 supporters to give $100, our needs would be fulfilled. Please as your praying, ask God for anyway possible for what you can do, whether creative, prayerful, or financial.

In Christ

Paul & Enid Appelget

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