The Appelget Family - 961 CR 1143 Tyler, TX 75704 - Dec 2003

Dear Friends,

Yes! I am remembering how we arrived here in the states back in August to work for this year with School of the Bible - Tyler, Texas. We were happy to be back in the States and are now enjoying the comforts of good roads, good food, family and friends. The project for School of the Bible - Fortaleza, Brazil is now one step closer to being accomplished. The worries of not being able to come here are now gone. This years school is presently taking place. Students from more than 15 nations and from five continents are learning to study and teach the Bible. Many are being challenged to think and to accomplish their school work. Many hopes and prayers are being offered this year for the students here.

As I look at my small group, I see the nations of Germany, Peru, United States, and Kenya - four Continents. The discipling of the nations is taking place as we speak. God is seeing the potential, the future of his Kingdom. It is looking positive. There are people that want to know truth - there are people that want to do the right thing. There are people who want to make an effect on their nation and people.

I am thinking of the School of the Bible outreach that my German student had taken just last week, ironically enough, it was in Minnesota. "What did you do?" I was asking him yesterday. "We taught in a Christian School and preached the whole time." He was amazed that many of the kids didn't know the Lord despite all the Christian influence (He didn't grow up in a Christian family). "They thought that being a Christian was being nice." "Sounds like Minnesota to me" I responded jokingly. The kingdom of God is being spread. It is being increased. People are hearing the truth.

I am looking forward and seeing the vision for Brazil. I see possible students or staff from this school and others working with us there. I am asking God's favor for the correct people, the correct staff that should be there. I am thinking of what God is going to do with all the Missionaries trained in SOTB in Brazil and how they will be lights to the nations and to Brazil itself. I am sure glad God is doing this. Tomorrow I will be teaching Greek, which opens the bible to a more refined interpretation, a clearer understanding of truth. The other week in Church history I taught on how the Bible historically was taken away from the common people and resulting in a lack of truth and much damage. I wonder what effect is going to happen in Brazil when the truth is taught and applied? A changed nation. These steps are taking place slowly but surely. The Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed. What is the potential effect of truth if it is applied. Liberty, freedom, and relationship with God.

Please keep praying that this mustard seed would grow into a large tree.

Paul & Enid Appelget

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