The Appelget Family - December 2004

Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We thank God for this year as we seek His will for this next year. We can easily see the blessing God has bestowed upon us this last year.

Since our last newsletter, the School of the Bible had ended here in Texas, and the students went out on outreaches to many different places in the world. Teams traveled to New England, Papua New Guinea, Namibia, and Nicaragua. We tried hard to get a team of students to Brazil, but unfortunately it just didn’t happen.

After the School ended, we were able to travel to Minnesota and visit some of you. We spoke in a couple of churches and shared the vision of School of the Bible in Fortaleza.

Since then we have been on somewhat of a break. We could not return to Brazil because on October 23 we had our third child - a girl! Her name is Jasmin Janelle Appelget. We have been living in Tyler, and now we are going through the process to get her passport and visa to return to Brazil. This has not really hindered our plans for Brazil. We are still going to return as soon as the paper work is finalized.

Another positive note is that we were successful in getting one of our Brazilians to the States to do School of the Bible. This was a pure miracle for Saulo. He was able to obtain a large offering from a church in Brazil to pay for his airfare; also we obtained donations in which we were able to apply for his tuition. Also he received a supporter who filled the rest of the gap that he needed. So we praise God for that, because now we have a national that can really help with this project next year when it starts. Even now we are having planning meetings with him, which is great!

Also recently School of the Bible had another multiplication conference in November. This conference really brought to my attention many details about this school, which has inspired us to reevaluate many things. So we are praying hard to get from God on the exact way of starting this thing next year.

Another note, School of the Bible – Fortaleza has recently obtained non-profit status. It really doesn’t change much overall, but it opens our ability to have a tax free bank account here for the organization. This enables us to exchange money at a good rate. Thanks to God that the paperwork for that is over… well kind of….

Pray for us as we prepare to return to Brazil which will happen in the next couple of months. We need wisdom as we go out and start promoting the project in Brazil and start recruiting our first students! Pray for the right ones that can help this thing grow and multiply the School of the Bible into a nation changer.


Paul & Enid Appelget

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