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Greetings to everybody.

Praise God that we can write to everybody concerning the process of getting to Brazil. We are happy to announce that we will be going to Brazil very shortly. The visa process has been a complicated process. But through a series of independent events and specific facts, we made a decision to go to Brazil on the tourist visas we already have. This will allow us to have the baby in Brazil and apply for permanent visa afterwards. The permanent visas can be obtained because our child will be a dual citizen of the United States and Brazil. (The child is a boy!!!). This will be a much better visa than the other type we were considering. God has brought a multiple blessing.

Recently we have been in Puerto Rico. We have experienced many different things while we have been here. We have met with people concerning support and have spoken in two churches now. Each time has been great ministry and sharing the vision of School of the Bible in Brazil. In Enid's church we taught on the subject of hearing God's voice. We saw God affect many people. It was also very important because the church was also having their missions week. So we fit right into the church's needs and were able to give the testimony of how God called us to do this work for him. Another interesting event we went to was the inauguration of the Puerto Rican governor. The event gave me a crash course on the Puerto Rican political process. They have three political parties here. The only issue they really vote on is Puerto Rico's status. The situation of becoming a state, staying a territory, or to become independent. The new governor is of the party that wants to stay a territory of the U.S.

We are excited to help fulfill the need of deeper theological training for Brazilian missionaries. There are one thousand Brazilian missionaries in YWAM right now. So it is important to develop this training to offer them the tools for more effective ministry. Then we will be able to send these missionaries into churches in Fortaleza and beyond to train people in the truth of the word of God. Please pray that Enid and I can learn Portuguese as quickly as possible, that the material can be translated well, and that we could effectively take care of all the details to complete the process of starting the School of the Bible. One very important thing is to get Brazilians to do the School in Texas so that we can have some Brazilian staff when we start the school. All of this could take a few years. So we will keep you up to date.

Blessings to you all. We thank all of our supporters who have sacrificed there time and finances to make this ministry possible. God will bring multiple blessings to you. Our greatest concerns financially is the cost of having the baby and miscellaneous things that we will need after the move. Also if anyone wants to donate any desktop computers that are at least 100 MHz and can run an OS of windows 95 or better, we will take them for the School of the Bible. You can ground mail them to our address in Brazil or give them to us before we leave Minnesota.

In Christ,

Paul & Enid Appelget