Dear Friends,

It is good to be in Fortaleza, Brazil. We have finished the lecture phase of our DTS in English. We made it through the most difficult part. We are happy. Enid and I were both leading small groups with the students. Small groups had given us an opportunity to disciple the students in their walk with the Lord. I was a challenging time for me. But I could see the changes in the young men that I had been working. In addition, because of the location of the school, the students received some on location challenges. We would wish that we could say that all Ywam bases are four-star hotels, but the reality is that it is character challenging to live here. Besides the challenges, we felt that the students received some good speakers and have grown in the Lord.

The outreach started in a favela (which is another name for slum). The name of the favela is Serviluz. I went to help drop the students off at Serviluz and saw how they were living. The students were living in a house about the size of your kitchen and dining room with only one shower (If it had water). Goodbye to any complaints about the YWAM base. Hello to missionary training. The students have seen more than 40 people to come to Christ in their time in Serviluz and are returning once a week to continue the discipleship process. It is all worth the inconveniences in the end. Praise the Lord Jesus!

After the outreach to Serviluz we were involved in an outreach to the city of Acata˙. The Carnival is world famous and is one of the things that people think of when they think of Brazil. It is basically a big party where people go and get drunk and some have sex. Also the Carnival in big cities of Rio De Janeiro or Sa§ Paulo includes an elaborate and quite impressive parade.CThe Carnival that we were involved in wasn't as elaborate as the ones in the cities down south, but the spirit is the same. Party big time! The whole YWAM base here in Fortaleza went to go minister there. We basically had a system. We would go out in teams of three or four to evangelize to individuals. We would send them back to the church where we had people ready to talk to them there. We had people praying and interceding at the same time. Also we would show three or four drama presentations a night in which we would invite people. Through this great team effort there were around 190 people who prayed to receive Christ. I personally was happy to see people who I had given tracts coming out of the church with smiles on their faces. Jesus had touched them. Enid had prayed with somebody to receive Christ one night. I had some excellent conversations with some people in Portuguese! You can continue to pray a young man named Juneu. He didn't receive Christ at the time, but I really prayed that the Holy Spirit would come and speak to him. I could tell by the look on his face that he was sensing something special.

As we look forward to finishing the outreach, we will be involved with restoration of the new house bought by the My Fathers House street kids ministry. I personally will be doing the electrical and possibly other fix up jobs. The time will also be a good time of fellowship with the students. The DTS will officially end on Feb 28. Please pray for us as we seek God on the next step here in Fortaleza.

God Bless!

Paul & Enid Appelget

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