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In the world's noisy marketplace of ideas, popular concepts of truth are peddled on every corner. An unsuspecting generation eagerly buys pleasure, tolerance, and whatever "truth" suits its taste. Yet in the midst of the clamor, one voice confidently declares, "I AM THE TRUTH!"

After making that absolute statement 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ entrusted it to mere men who would then teach others. But to teach it you must know it.

School of the Bible prepares men and women who not only understand the truth, but have hearts that are kindled with a passionate love for God and who are able to confidently and effectively influence today's marketplace.

School of the Bible in Brazil will be able to train a generation of Brazilians who will be consumed in missions around the world. Now God is dynamically preparing another nation to bless the ends of the earth. Through the excitement about world missions, Brazil currently has approximately 1000 YWAM missionaries laboring in many places. Many thirst for further and deeper understanding of God's precious scriptures.

By supporting us in prayer and finances, you will be able to help establish School of the Bible for the first time in Brazil. Many Brazilian Missionaries will be trained in truth and will go to the ends of the earth.

*We believe that it is God's will.

*An intellectual need will be fulfilled in a more theological needy area of Brazil.

*We can unite together the accumulation of knowledge with practical hands on ministry.

*We can influence the local church of Fortaleza in correct Christian doctrines.

*We can influence the discipleship of Brazil in the Biblical perspectives of family, education, government, economics, etc.

*We will be able to train leaders

*Brazilian Missionaries will be ready to do ministry around the world.

*We will influence the transition of Brazil from a mission receiving nation to a mission sending nation.