*School of the Bible - Brazil has a huge project to get the school off the ground. We need about 1300 one-sided pages to translate from English to Portuguese. We cannot do this alone. With God's help, we can complete this task. You can play a big part to disciple the nation of Brazil.

*We need people to donate by buying pages. The cost* to facilitate the translation of a two-sided page is about $15. SO ONLY 650 PEOPLE CONTRIBUTING FOR THE FACILITATION OF ONE PAGE OR 65 PEOPLE CONTRIBUTING FOR THE FACILITATION OF 10 PAGES WOULD COMPLETE THIS WORK.

*This includes ten percent administration fee for Ywam. An estimated ten percent to cover other cost related to the translation. At least eighty percent goes to pay translators.

You can help!!!

To buy a tax-deductible page, send your contributions to:

PO BOX 3000

*Please make checks payable to "YWAM" Please send a contribution slip or send a separate sheet of paper saying it is for School of the Bible - Fortaleza, Brazil Translation Project. Do not write School of the Bible - Fortaleza, Brazil on the check. Click here if you do not care about a tax deduction.

*These numbers are estimations. Prices and Exchange Rates do change. For example, the recent exchange rate has resulted in a stronger dollar. But we are continuing with $15 a page. As we hope to pay some better translators more.
*The money chart was updated on May 30, 2003. The material chart was updated May 30, 2003